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Braids together the stories behind Lincoln's appearance at Gettysburg, his speech that day, and its dissemination to explore Lincoln's roles as military commander, chief executive, and minister to a wounded and grieving people.
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Braids together the stories behind Lincoln's appearance at Gettysburg, his speech that day, and its dissemination to explore Lincoln's roles as military commander, chief executive, and minister to a wounded and grieving people.


How the telegraph helped Abraham Lincoln to reshape America

In 1863, Abraham Lincoln proved himself a master of a new frontier - not on the battlefields of the Civil War, but in his "high-tech" command center, the War Department Telegraph Office. The telegraph was the "Internet" of the nineteenth century, and it gave Lincoln powers of command, communications, and control never before exercised by a commander-in-chief. He used this new technology to connect the country to him - receiving nearly live dispatches via telegraph from his generals in the field and sending out his plans for the nation faster and with more clarity than ever before.

The results of Lincoln's pioneering experiment in electronic leadership would ultimately lead to the fields of Gettysburg. There, one battle turned the tide of the Civil War - and became the setting for the 272 words of Lincoln's Gettysburg Address, the speech that recast the American ideal as a national creed. Lincoln@Gettysburg unfolds the greatest turning point in American history, the rebirth of a nation, and the dawn of the information age.

Producer: Partisan Pictures
Production Year: 2013
Copyright Year: 2013
Rating: TV-PG
Director: Peter Schnall
Narrator: David Strathairn
Number of Discs: 1
Length: 60 minutes
Number of Episodes:1
Subtitled: Y
Subtitle Languages: English (SDH)
Aspect Ratio: 16x9 Widescreen

6 Reviews
Pax A.
Anonymous User
5.0 star rating
Wonderful Program
Review by Pax A. on 08/10/22 review stating Wonderful Program
This is another fine PBS production highlighting an essential event that defines what being an American is all about. It is clear that the program also highlights the unconscious bias of the producers in that clips of modern presidential use of Lincolns example focus only on Democrats ignoring presidents of Lincolns own party, the Republicans. They feature Obama modifying Lincolns words to his own purposes by badly paraphrasing the coda, when in fact the fine oration of Regan, and his homage to Lincoln is completely ignored. Irony of ironies is the fact that Obama chose to ignore the invitation to speak at the 150th anniversary event in Gettysburg. Great program, excellent production values, but you must watch it with open eyes and ears. Beware the subtle messages, and be aware of the reality of present day politics.
Anonymous User
2.0 star rating
Produced by and for Partisans
Review by Rick on 07/17/20 review stating Produced by and for Partisans
This film is saturated with leftist, liberal politicians, speech writers and pundits as Democrats continue to try to claim Lincoln as one of their own. A potentially good film ruined by a liberal slant.
Maximilian K.
Anonymous User
4.0 star rating
audio recording needed
Review by Maximilian K. on 07/17/20 review stating audio recording needed
I really enjoyed the short 1 hour story about Lincoln at Gettysburg. It helped me understand the meaning behind the Gettysburg Address. I think an audio cd recording of it would also make a great gift. A lot of people who drive south in the winter months listen to books on cd. I think PBS would benefit from making some of their video recordings available for audio recordings as well.
Civil B.
Anonymous User
5.0 star rating
good dvd
Review by Civil B. on 07/17/20 review stating good dvd
bought dvd after seeing show on tv not disappointed at all. lots of good info on address and Lincolns writing of it.
Anonymous User
5.0 star rating
captures the moment
Review by Wam on 07/17/20 review stating captures the moment
Been to this site and this dvd makes me feel I am back. One on best PBS programs,with excellent research. Highly recommend. WAM
Anonymous User
5.0 star rating
Review by Tick115 on 07/17/20 review stating Excellent
The details in prospective and accurate outlook at what really happend pre and post Gettsburg was excellent and on point. The fact that Mr. lincoln developed a case of small-pox while at Gettysburg and the fact that the deseae incubated on his way back to Washington after the Gettysberg appearance, also fatally infected his man-servant was an eye opening reallity never revealed in my advanced American History classes. Remarkable

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